Go to church with IFA on August 27!

Visiting a church is intimidating, and even just getting there can be hard. So this Sunday, IFA will have students who attend many local churches meet you at CUC black chairs and take you with them!


The information on these churches which are marked with a * have NOT been updated since COVID. Please be sure to double check with their websites! And, as always, if you have a church you recommend, please let us know!

Agapé Life Church

Agapé Christian Ministry

11:30 am

Our heart as a church is to be a community of believers who passionately and intimately worship God. In response to His unconditional love for us, we desire to live out His word in power and love. We are praying for revival in this generation. Reach out to us for a ride!

4005 Murray Ave 2.7

Bible Center Church

10 am

Bible Center Church is a predominantly black church that loves college students. It reaches out to the community, provides an opportunity for young people to grow in their faith, ask tough questions and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. Come check us out! You will be glad you did!

717 N Homewood Ave 3.3

Central Church of Pittsburgh


9 am

Central Church, the English-speaking congregation of Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh, exists to glorify God in Pittsburgh by making, maturing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ. We are committed to Gospel-centered preaching, Gospel-saturated teaching, Gospel-enriched worship, Gospel-shaped community, Gospel-advancing outreach, and Gospel-driven discipleship.

821 S Aiken Ave 0.6

Church of the Ascension


9, 11 am

We are a community of Anglican believers who worship together, seek to grow as disciples of Jesus, and give back to God in gratitude for all He has done. Please join us on a Sunday and find out more!

4729 Ellsworth Ave 0.5

City Reformed Presbyterian Church

10:15 am, 5:30 pm

We are a community of believers seeking to follow Jesus in Pittsburgh. We do this through lives of worship, growth and humble service, to those inside and outside of our community. As a community of believers we know that we are sinners, yet we are committed to understanding how we can more and more reflect Jesus. We don't assume that everyone among us knows everything about Christianity. In fact, we seek to welcome anyone willing to explore Jesus with us.

Morning: meets at Winchester Thurston School 0.6

Evening: meets at City Reformed Presbyterian Church 2.3

First Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Lutheran Student Fellowship (now LCMS)

11 am

“Imagine a church that is both evangelical – proclaiming the free forgiveness of sins through faith in Jesus Christ – and sacramental, centering its spiritual life in the regenerating waters of baptism and the real presence of Christ in Holy Communion. Imagine further a church that is strongly grounded on Scripture [with a] comprehensive, intellectually rigorous and imminently orthodox theological system. Imagine a worship service that features both strong preaching and the historic liturgy.” —Gene Veith

531 N Neville St 0.4

Gracepoint AKA River College Church


1pm (pickups 12:30pm)

Whether you're new to Christianity or have grown up going to church, we invite you to “come and see” for yourself: the Bible, the God who reveals Himself, and the spiritual community of the church. We focus on college ministry, plant churches in college towns, and encourage every one of our members to live in loving sacrificial service and ministry.

Winchester Thurston 0.7

12:30 Pitt: Nordenberg and Sutherland Hall; CMU: UC on Forbes

Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community*

10:30 am

We will be a bridge to Jesus Christ by participating in communion, welcoming all into community, listening and having compassion, growing in our faith and sharing Christ’s story with the community of the South Side, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the world. We use a narrative style of worship that shares the story of God through drama and the arts, as well as traditional forms of worship.

2700 Jane Street 2.5

Jonah’s Call

10 am

At Jonah’s Call, we worship in an ancient tradition which assumes that our hearts and minds need to be transformed daily, weekly, and completely because, as beautiful as life can be at times, it can also damage us in astounding ways. In response to the challenges that we face throughout the week, we take music, prayer, Scripture, preaching, communion, and a community meal, and create an experience of worship that allows us to move beyond being mere consumers to becoming participants in worship.

Union Project 2.5

Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh


9, 11 am

The undergraduate ministry at Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh (KCCP) welcomes any Korean-speaking student studying/working here. Our vision slogan is WEM: Worship, Equip, and Missions.

821 S Aiken Ave 0.8

North Way Christian Community - City Campus

North Way Christian Community is an inter-denominational church with five campuses across the city of Pittsburgh: Wexford, Oakland, Sewickley Valley, East End and Dormont. Our members come from various church backgrounds, but have found common ground in North Way’s contemporary worship, biblical teaching and strong passion for following Jesus and serving our communities.

428 N. Craig Street 1.3

Oakland International Fellowship

Chinese Bible Study Fellowship

10:00 am (Chinese), 11:30 am (English)

Located in the heart of the universities area between CMU and Pitt, our desire is to become a house of prayer and worship for all nations by reaching out to students and professionals of all ethnic backgrounds with the good news of Jesus Christ. We invite everyone to our services, classes, and small groups, and we hope you will come and discover what we are about.

Meets at 134 N Dithridge St 0.5

Pittsburgh Chinese Church


10 am (English and Chinese services)

Pittsburgh Chinese Church exists for the purposes of exalting the Glory of God, establishing a family for God, empowering the people of God, and extending the Kingdom of God. As a local body of Christians our vision and strategy is to: invite people to experience God’s love and grace; invest our lives in helping one another grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ; and involve ourselves in serving others outside the church as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

8711 Old Perry Highway 13.8

Via yellow bus from the Morewood Turnaround at 9:05 am, or soldiers and sailors at 9:15

Pittsburgh Oratory

Catholic Newman Club

Sunday Mass 9, 11 am, 4, 9 pm

Times for confession and daily Mass

Our service to the Catholic community of Oakland includes the daily celebration of Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. An Oratory is first of all a place of prayer, and so especially near to our hearts is our program of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration which we hope you will discover and explore. We also host catechetical and formational programs. In addition to these we organize student retreats, service projects, and social events of all kinds. With all of these activities, we seek to meet the personal and spiritual needs of those who live and labor on the local campuses.

4450 Bayard St 0.6

Shadyside Presbyterian Church

CCO Delta? Shadyside campus ministry


The Shadyside Presbyterian Church is a traditional and winsome community of faith. We take very seriously the theological depth, beauty, and gravitas of Christianity’s tradition. This is especially true in our worship services. Worship at Shadyside offers spiritual refreshment in a traditional liturgical setting. We believe that this great tradition should make us loving, relational, and very devoted to the mission of Jesus Christ in the community and world around us. The church is centered in the grace of Jesus Christ, and we talk about that a lot. Since we are all clear about that common center, we spend little time here worrying about the boundary issues that exclude people. Our church holds together just fine by its center. Join us Sundays for our area college students’ Bible study, Donut Society, at 9:30am and/or worship at 11am.

5121 Westminster Pl 0.5

St. Paul Cathedral

Sunday Mass 6:30, 10am, noon, 6pm

Times for confession and daily Mass (in the right sidebar)

We are a place of welcome, peace, and joy to all who desire to join us. Our parish family is richly diverse, with people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. It is a special blessing and joy, indeed, to see the thousands and thousands of college students and young adults who come to the Cathedral to worship and grow in their faith.

108 North Dithridge Street 0.4