Fellowships typically have small groups, a large group meeting, and various other events. They serve as students’ spiritual community on campus. Other special-purpose groups are listed below.

This page is a work in progress: if you are interested in being listed or are aware of any incorrect information, please email interfellowship.cmu@gmail.com


Ian Daugherty (iqd@andrew.cmu.edu) and Jasmine Fahrenkrug (jfahrenk@andrew.cmu.edu)

Acts2Fellowship (A2F) is a campus club for all CMU students! The goal? To have fun, make friends, to investigate the answers to the biggest questions of life, and grow in our faith. Whichever way you stumbled onto our page, we invite you to join us. We'd love to meet you!

Asian Christian Fellowship

Caleb Koo (calebkoo@andrew.cmu.edu) and Rachel Luo (rgluo@andrew.cmu.edu)

The Asian Christian Fellowship seeks to carry out the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations by proclaiming the Gospel, providing fellowship for edification, nurturing Christians in spiritual growth, and building up Christian leaders. In practice, we do this by meeting every Friday as a body together, and we have cell groups every week so that our members can encourage one another! We are affiliated with Pittsburgh Chinese Church as well.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Joseph Chan (josephc2@andrew.cmu.edu) and Chad Truong (cbtruong@andrew.cmu.edu)

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a vibrant multi-ethnic, cross-denominational campus ministry that aims to know God and make Him known. We minister to all through small group Bible studies, large group campus gatherings, leadership training, thoughtful discipleship, and life-changing conferences and events. Our statement of faith can be found here. Join us on our Discord channel (https://discord.com/invite/Af8Y8Zn), or find out more information about us on our website (https://www.cmuintervarsity.org/) although it is not as regularly updated as the Discord.

Catholic Newman Club

Nick Marshall (nmarshal@andrew.cmu.edu) and CMUNewman@gmail.com

The Carnegie Mellon University Catholic Newman Club is a social, religious, and service organization for students who are practicing Catholics, and also those who are otherwise interested in Catholicism. We host events and disseminate information in order to promote the practice of the Catholic faith in student life, and provide opportunities for additional growth and exploration of the faith.

We work with the Ryan Catholic Newman Center (run by the Pittsburgh Oratory), campus missionaries through the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), and the University of Pittsburgh's Newman Club to host and promote both on campus and cross-campus social, religious, and service events. Our main goal is to promote understanding, education, and the practice of the Catholic faith on Carnegie Mellon's campus and to help every student authentically flourish.

Central Church Student Fellowship

Julianne Choi (julianne42202@gmail.com) and Minjin Batzorig (mbatzori@andrew.cmu.edu)

CCSF is the college ministry that stems from Central Church. As a student organization, we seek to make, mature, and multiply disciples here on CMU’s campus. We hold prayer meetings every Wednesday and Bible Studies every Friday, both of which are scripture-motivated and based. As young leaders in Christ, we hope to apply the knowledge and wisdom that we gain to further God’s Kingdom.



Campus Cru is a group of students who meet weekly to talk about everything it means to be a college student in today’s world. We emphasize the need for openness, honestly and a strong community and fellowship. We are open to all from those who are just interested and curious about Christ to those who have been believers their whole life. We believe in sharing the gospel and the love of Christ through investing and engaging in other’s lives.

Young Life College

Ben Curtin (bjcurtin@andrew.cmu.edu) and Luca Bartman (lfbartma@andrew.cmu.edu)

Young Life College is a community centered on building authentic relationships with students as we help them grow in their personal relationships with Christ. We organize community gatherings in the form of weekly outreach events, Bible studies, and service opportunities to build a close-knit community, and strive to reach out to and include people of all backgrounds on CMU's campus, inviting them into fellowship and friendships with the Gospel at heart.

Christians on Campus


Christians on Campus (CoC) is a student group comprising pursuers of genuine Christian belief from various backgrounds. We love the Lord Jesus and endeavor to give Him the first place in all things (Col. 1:18). It is vital to have Christian companions, throughout our college years, to build, preserve, and strengthen our faith. We need to gather together more than ever before to enjoy God, receive His mercy and find grace for timely help (Heb. 4:16)!


Pastor Ed (agapecmu@gmail.com)

Agape Life Church is a non-denominational church with campus ministries at CMU and Pitt. They are located at 4005 Murray Ave, just 10 minutes from campus by bus. Follow on Instagram @agapeCMU..

Lutheran Student Fellowship (LCMS)

Eric Andrae (EricAndrae@gmail.com)

In serving the Pittsburgh university community (Pitt, CMU, Chatham, Carlow, Duquesne, CCAC, Point Park, RMU, La Roche, et al), we come together by the Spirit as one Body, wonderfully united as the liturgy of the Divine Service connects us to Christ, to each other, and to the Church of the ages. Today’s student has a place here! Our full-time pastoral staff, active student leadership, and central location provide excellent opportunity to gather together regularly as a true community of believers, serving each other and our neighbors through the Sunday Divine Service, mid-week evening prayer, the diligent study of God’s Word and the Confessions, local and international mission and service projects, congregational leadership, dinners, social activities, regional retreats, volunteerism, and much, much more! This is a place for creating, nurturing, and proclaiming faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. It is truly a home where you can live and belong and grow! This is a place for YOU!


Stephen Blum (sblum@ccojubilee.org)


Tartan Athlete Fellowship


We are a student group looking to explore the role athletics play in our Christian faith and how our Christian faith affects the way we compete, play, and live. We use athletics to facilitate discussions, but not everything is focused on sports. Everyone is welcome to attend, athlete and non-athlete alike. Come check us out if you’re exploring faith, college, sports, and living.

Other groups

Special-purpose Christian groups that believers can join in addition to a fellowship.

Joyful Noise

Megan Yim (meganyim@andrew.cmu.edu)

We are Joyful Noise — Carnegie Mellon University’s Christian a capella group. While we may have an eclectic taste in music, it’s all tied together by a goal to serve Christ and neighbor however we can.